Easy Requests

Feel free to email mida@trentjk.com if you have any feature requests, or if you encounter a bug!

Easy Requests Using iOS Shortcuts

To request an AppStore icon for mida on iOS 13+, install this Shortcut, then force press on an icon to submit your request!

You can request infinite icons using this shortcut, but to make room for other users' requests, you can only submit a few icon requests every 30 days. Icons that have already been released or requested by other users will not count toward this tally, and the Shortcut will let you submit a different icon instead!

If you can help me convert this Shortcut into a tweak, please email me!

Alternative Icon Requests (email)

If you do not have iOS 13 or 14, but still want to request icons, or if you want to request a non-AppStore icon, you will need to manually find the info that the Shortcut automatically collects. These items are:

  • Name: Example App Name

  • BundleID: com.somedeveloper.SomeBundleIdentifier (required for theming the correct app)

  • Icon: An image of the original icon, or a link to an image or site where the icon can be seen.

You may request up to 10 apps total for this submission method. Priority will be given to requests via the Shortcut method. Email mida@trentjk.com to request icons once you have collected the necessary info for the apps you want to request.

There are several tweaks and sources that can help you find the bundleID fast. Some of my prefered methods are listed here:

More About the Request Tool...


Having experienced submitting and receiving icon requests in various tedious ways, I began to think of ways to make that process easier. After months of testing different methods, then developing the code for it (by me: a not very well versed in coding mechanical engineer who just likes graphic design), I am proud to say that I am now close to being able to introduce this new theme request manager tool!

Icon Request Manager

This request tool designed for ALL theme designers is still being tested and debugged! The project has seen some major developments since I recorded the video in this post, and I hope to develop it further to make it more compatible with lower iOS versions (without the shortcuts app) and non-App Store apps.


The icon request manager checks if an icon has been released for a theme, and rejects the icon request if so. It also checks if the icon has been submitted by another user. It will be able to (still working on this) limit the number of submissions per user on either on a monthly basis, an all time basis, or both.

For theme designers, you will see all unique apps that have been requested that you have not released in your personal google sheet (that only I can see). Designers will be able to format this sheet for dark mode, etc. For each app, you will be able to access: the timestamp, the app name, the url to the App Store link (for viewing screenshots and descriptions), the bundleID, the app icon, and a link to the 512x512 icon image. I am also trying to make non-app store app requests a reality, though I need some help for that (see below).


If you are a tweak developer, I NEED YOUR HELP. Please message me, and we can talk about what I am trying to do (trust me, it’s probably really easy stuff for u).