About Me

My name is Trent. If you're anything like me, you played with LEGOs when you were a kid. I built, I unbuilt, I rebuilt, I custom built. My sets never stayed by-the-instructions assembled. I love making things, building things, drawing things, creating things, and (my personal favorite) designing things.

To summarize me, I would say I generally design everything in between useful three dimensional mechanisms and two dimensional functionally useless usually colored marks on a surface. Among the slightly less functional lies iPhone photography and Jenga Art. Among the more useful projects ranks the robot lifting mechanism that can enable a 140 pound robot to climb up a rope in a couple seconds (wow!).

Though art doesn't really do anything physically useful like lift a large robot, it can often make people say "wow," just the same. I made this website to share these "wow" moments with everyone. Of course, while I do enjoy when people appreciate my work, my favorite part of designing things will always be designing things. SO, this website is for you. Take a tour, look around, stay a while!