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To get the icons on your home screen, you can use the "shortcuts method" OR any app that automates the shortcut creating method, like Iconboard (some features are paid) OR any other method that will allow you to use image files as home screen icons.


I do apologize for this, but file names might not obviously reflect the app name. The filenames are the unique "Bundle Identifier" or "BundleID" of each app. I use this instead of the names of the apps because each app is required to have a unique bundleID (even apps that aren't on the App Store have a unique bundleID), but not every app's "name" is unique.

You should be able to get a general idea of which icons are for which apps based on their look and BundleID, however if you do need to find out what a specific app's bundleID is, you can go to OffCornerDev's BundleID finder tool to look it up (see link below).


If you have any questions or run into a problem with mida, please message me via Esty! I'll respond as quickly as possible. You can also email me at mida@trentjk.com


- Trent


Shortcuts method: https://9to5mac.com/2020/09/22/make-ios-14-aesthetic-custom-app-icons/

BundleID finder: https://offcornerdev.com/bundleid.html

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(c) 2020 Trent Kelsall. mida and its contents are under copyright protection. It is illegal to copy or re-distribute mida or any part of mida, including icons colors, etc.

How to use the Shortcuts method in iOS 14

BundleID finder