Electric Longboard (v2)

Self Balancing Robot

Sonic Screwdriver

Lit Hand Signals

Senior Design: Marine Robot Control and Deployment

ROV Mechanical Systems

ROV Electrical Systems

Distributed Control System

Launch and Recovery System

FIRST Robots (Full robot pages coming soon)

2015 Season

2016 Season

2017 Season

2020 Season (mentor)

More (Full project pages coming soon)

Cultural Graphic Design

Junior Design (Apple Juicer)

Machined Engine (MECH 101L)

Red Wraps (for SCU's 2019 Maker Challenge)

3D Printed Toothbrush Stand

3D Printed AirTags Case

3D Printed Digital Clock

"Captain Rex” Minifigure


Art Gallery

Jenga Structures

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Electric Longboard (v1)